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Dell MD3000i – Non Actionable Failed Drive – Solution

“Service action (removal) allowed: No” what that means is that the drive has most likely failed but it is continues to establish a connection with the MD.  What you can do is to manually fail the drive using SMcli but it may fail if the array already see the drive as failed . To manually set a physical disk to offline status you have to use SMcli, the command line… Read Article →

Adobe Reader – Unable to Print

You may find a user can print from everything But Adobe Reader This is the fix disable “enable protected mode at start-up” in Adobe… Open Adobe Reader > edit > preferences > look down left side of page for Security(enhanced)… select… uncheck “enable protected mode at start-up”   …reboot Adobe This will solve it.

Watchguard – Mime type issue – Blocking

When a web server sends HTTP traffic, it usually adds a MIME type, or content type, to the packet header that shows what kind of content is in the packet. The HTTP header on the data stream contains this MIME type. It is added before the data is sent. Certain kinds of content that users request from web sites can be a security threat to your network. Other kinds of… Read Article →

Removing the “Safe to Remove Hardware” hotplug icon from VM

You can disable HotPlug capability using the vSphere Client Note: You can disable HotPlug capability for PCI devices such as e1000 or vmxnet2 NICs. To disable HotPlug capability using the vSphere Client: Connect to the ESXi/ESX host or vCenter Server using the vSphere Client. Power off the virtual machine. Right-click the virtual machine and click Edit Settings. Click the Options tab. Click General > Configuration Parameters > Add Row. Insert a new row with the name devices.hotplug and a value… Read Article →

Remote HTTPS Listener for Dell Open Manage

Below is the PowerShell commands to enable remote management HTTPS listener which need to be done on all servers that will be managed by DELL OME Important note – Change the -DnsName to the name of the actual server $cert = New-SelfSignedCertificate -CertstoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\My -DnsName Export-Certificate -Cert $cert -FilePath C:\temp\cert New-Item -Path WSMan:\LocalHost\Listener -Transport HTTPS -Address * -CertificateThumbPrint $cert.Thumbprint –Force Get-ChildItem WSMan:\Localhost\listener New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName ‘Windows Remote Management (HTTPS-In)’ -Name… Read Article →

DocQrules – Print Job Compression

DocQrules – Adding Printers with link compression Synopsis – When RDP’ing to your central site, remote site users print back to their remote site printers causing large MPLS bandwidth usage. This how-to explains in detail the method to compress > send > decompress print jobs to reduce the overall MPLS bandwidth usage by the print subsystem. Topology – Print Subsystem Install DocQrules on your local and remote print servers Configure the… Read Article →