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How to Reset Avaya 5610SW series phone

Follow the steps below to both clear and reset your Avaya 5610SW IP Phone. Maybe you need to clear the IP address or change the extension of the phone. Applies to 5610SW, 5621SW. Reset the settings on Avaya 5610SW A reset is like a soft reset. It wipes out the IP address, extension number, speed-dial, call logs, etc. Step 1 Press the * key when your phone is booting up… Read Article →

Avaya IP500 – Changing the level of log reporting on the Avaya Contact Store

Log file: cscm.log Naming convention: Current days file is cscm.log and previous days are date stamped. Levels supported: INFO, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR a) Permanently from next time service starts: 1. Edit the file (or create it if it does not exist) \properties\ 2. Add the line log.level=DEBUG, replacing DEBUG with any of the levels supported as shown to the left. 3. Reboot the server or restart the ContactStore service… Read Article →