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Remove protection from protected excel spreadsheet

Remove protection – excel spreadsheet If you work in Office 2013 then open the protected spreadsheet and save as a 2000 – 2003 document Open the spreadsheet and follow these instructions: Press ALT+F11 to bring up the VB Window On the left double click on the “ThisWorkbook” link In the right pane paste the below code Sub PasswordBreaker() ‘Breaks worksheet password protection. Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, k… Read Article →

Microsoft Outlook – How to solve issues with Outlook opening attachements

In any business you will have users creating and sending documents via E-mail which are named the same, these are opened daily which isn’t a problem, however when you open a document over and over again, the folder can not handle the same named document once there are over 99 versions in the folder. So to resolve any issue like this all you need to do is to go to the following link… Read Article →