Dell MD3000i – Non Actionable Failed Drive – Solution

“Service action (removal) allowed: No” what that means is that the drive has most likely failed but it is continues to establish a connection with the MD.  What you can do is to manually fail the drive using SMcli but it may fail if the array already see the drive as failed .

To manually set a physical disk to offline status you have to use SMcli, the command line interface for the MD3xxx series storage arrays.

  1. Open a command prompt window on a computer/server with MDSM installed
  2. Navigate to the installation folder
  3. The default is c:\program files\dell\MD storage manager\client
  4. On 64-bit systems it may be in program files (x86)
    1. You will see smcli.exe in the directory
    2. At the prompt, type the following
    3. Capitalization is important
    4. Remember the semicolon before the end quote

smcli -n enclosureName -p enclosurePassword -c “set physicalDisk [enclosureID,slotID] operationalState=failed;”

EXAMPLE: for MyMD3000i

Smcli -n MyMD3000i -c “set physicalDisk [0,2] operationalState=failed;”